Sell us your side hustle.

We’re a micro private equity firm that buys companies doing about $500k/yr in profit.

It's super fast and easy. Here's how we buy companies:

Step 1. The Screening

We respond to all sales inquiries within 48 hours, and, if we're interested based on your initial documentation, get a non-binding offer in your inbox in less than 7 days.

Step 2. Due Diligence

If the initial price looks right, we'll start to begin our trust-based due diligence procedures. Because of our small deal-size, we don't retain a firm - it's all in-house.

Step 3. Closing

If your documents, data, and sales look in order, we'll move forward with a simple, no-stress closing. The entire process takes about 30 days, then you have your check!

Do you know a small, profitable micro-company?

If you introduce us to a company we end up buying, we’ll pay you 4% of the upfront invested capital, from $2,500 USD (as a minimum) to $25,000 USD.

We like to buy companies that have:

Stability & Simplicity

A business model you can explain in thirty seconds or less. Simple, sustainable.


A minimum of $5,000/mo in net profit.

No Existing Team

The companies we traditionally buy only have the founder(s), and maybe one employee.

High Margins

A profit margin of 50%-90% gives us room to breathe and grow.


The day to day operations can be systematized and outsourced.

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